eSCENE 1997 Nominated Stories

The Alsop Review

    "Atlas' Hips," Darrin Navarro
    "Disconnection," William Trapman
    "The Swing," Jaimes Alsop

Blue Moon Review

    "Kite Hill," Jordan
    "Kosher," Gregory Cowles
    "Rhododendron," Jennifer Buxton
    "A Small Indulgence," Aldo Alvarez
    "Wind Across the Breaks," Lisa Norris

Clique of the Tomb Beetle

    "The Face In the Window," Michael J. Albee
    "A Site For Sore Ahyahs," Frederick Rustam
    "What Bled Through the Wall," Jacqueline Carey


    "Cowboy," Hal Jaffe
    "Monday at Le Bon Temps Roule," Doug Fine


    "Lucid Confusion," Brandt Ryan
    "Spider Man," Daryl Sunny Mileaf

Instant Classics

    "A Walk Before Dinner," David L. Ulin


    "Danielle," Edward Ashton
    "Facing Myself in the Dark," Carla Brumble
    "Fade Out, Mrs. Bewley," Rupert Goodwins
    "Iowa Basketball," Michelle Rogge Gannon
    "Selections From the New World," Marcus Eubanks
    "Waiting for Waves," William Trapman
    "Wave," Craig Boyko
    "When Something Goes," Neal Gordon
    "With Thoughts of Sarah," Christopher O'Kennon

It's a Bunny

    "The Aviary," Andrew Mullins
    "The New Pants," Jennifer Duncan

Lexicon Magazine

    "Acheron," Clayton Elliott
    "Heavy Brackets," Shawn Kerivan
    "Quid Pro Quo," Hamish F C Keddie
    "The Unknown Soldier," Rob Bretz

Mississippi Review Web

    "10K Rob," David Alexander
    "Clinic," Jane Armstrong
    "Credentials," John Holman
    "Faux Pas," P.J. Jason
    "Festival," Victoria Lancelotta
    "The Golden Monica," Ben Marcus
    "The Monitor," James Poniewozik
    "Rocket Man," Thom Jones
    "Saved by Mr. F. Scott Fitzgerald," Allen Woodman
    "We're Sorry We Hit Your Dog," Beck Finley
    "Woman Uses Glass Eye to Spy on Philandering Husband," Robert Olen Butler

Morpo Review

    "Me and Ritchie," David Alexander

Motley Focus Locus

    "Lightning on a Chicken Fence," Harley Dartt

O Shenandoah! Country Rag

    "February," Hank Zimmerman
    "The Loch," Grace Willetts
    "The Secret Garden," John Waybright
    "This One's Gonna Break Your Heart," Jae Harris

Oyster Boy Review

    "Just Another Night and Day," Lucy Harrison
    "Lucy," David Lee Parker

Purr Magazine

    "Consumption," Jessica Barron
    "The Gnomon," Tony Giovia
    "I Am," Michelle Grieff
    "Requiem For Ryan," Walidah Imarisha


    "Danger: Hole in the Floor," Rebecca Schuman
    "Splendid Isolation," Lea Deschenes
    "Window of Attraction," Jessica Barron

Story Bytes

    "Before the Hermitage Threshold," M. Stanley Bubien
    "The Euthanasia Machine," M. Stanley Bubien
    "Four Days on a Trail of Tears (A Four-Part Serial)," M. Stanley Bubien
    "A Passing on in the Night," M. Stanley Bubien
    "Priestly Obligation," M. Stanley Bubien
    "The Stench of Evil," M. Stanley Bubien
    "Wide Awake in the Empty Room," M. Stanley Bubien

Transformation Story Archive

    "All For My Lady ...," Wanderer
    "Beginnings from Endings," Brian Eirik Coe
    "The Bingo Pool," Gavin Steyn
    "DNA II," Stephanie
    "The Island," Bob Stein
    "The New Exhibit," Daniel Craven
    "Questions and Answers," Brian Eirik Coe
    "Rachel's Collar," Bryan Derksen
    "Reality Bites," Brian Eirik Coe
    "Reassignment," Thomas Hassan
    "Seamless," Wanderer
    "Shell Game," Bob Stein
    "Sometime Near the begining," #6
    "The Swan Curse," Circe
    "The Trickster's Ways," Mark van Sciver
    "The Truth about Redstone Ridge," Brian Eirik Coe
    "What I Really Want...," Jack DeMule

Zuzu's Petals

    "Mobius Strip," Marjorie Levenson
    "Walter's Game," Luann Jacobs


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